Statewide Cardiac Clinical Network – Cardiac Rehabilitation: Project Update

As part of the State Government’s election commitment, $900,000 was committed over three years to improve the Heart Health of Queenslanders through enhancements to Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR). Specifically, the commitment is designed to improve the:

• rate of referral to CR,
• uptake to CR and
• quality of cardiac rehabilitation across Queensland.

An initial time-limited work group was established in December 2015 to develop the first phase of the project: – a statewide data set, key performance indicators, and point of care database that will be supported by Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry (QCOR).

The CR module incorporates specifications and functionality that will support current CR practice. The CR module will be tested from April 2017 at a small number of sites that indicated interest in an early adoption, as a response to an expression of interest in December 2016.

The project team aims to release communication on a bi-monthly basis with relevant information and updates on the implementation of this project. A copy of the first bulletin can be found here: CR bulletin March 2017

Please note that a function of the CR module is to push referrals from the acute site to an outpatient CR program or from one outpatient CR program to another as appropriate. In order to facilitate this and reduce the number of errors, the project is asking that those sites that don’t already have a generic email account, establish one. The reason for this is that referrals aren’t ‘lost’ when individuals leave a service or take leave. The establishment of a generic email account is quite easy and local IT departments can facilitate this process.

Please contact Samara Phillips for further queries or clarification about this project.


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