Videos added: ACRA-Qld and Heart Foundation Secondary Prevention in Cardiology Conference 2016

We have now been able to upload a great selection of videos from last year’s state conference for viewing by ACRA-Qld members. Simply log into your ACRA members account and visit the members lounge to access these and other useful videos from all ACRA state associations.


Talks available from the 2016 conference include:

  • Development of State-wide Heart Failure Services – Professor John Atherton, Director of Cardiology, RBWH
  • Heart Foundation Health Professional Ambassador Program- Megan Collier
  • Utilising a mobile health platform to enhance cardiac rehabilitation services – Liz Collins and Fiona Burke 
  • Innovation in Data Collection, Statewide CR Work Group Update- Jillian Milne and Samara Phillips
  • RInnovation in Service Delivery, New Models for Secondary Prevention in Elderly Patients – Robert Mullins
  • Innovation in Technology, The Evolution of Mobile-Internet Based CR Programs – Professor Robyn Clark
  • Indigenous Cardiac Outreach Program (ICOP) – Rohan Corpus and Andrew Goodman
  • The Better Cardiac Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients’ – Vivian Bryce
  • The Heart Recovery Service: an innovative nurse led integrated multidisciplinary case management model to improve – Ben Shea
  • Knowledge Translation in a Heart Recovery Service,  Use of a depression screening tool for the routine screening – Nicole Coffey

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