Heart Foundation’s new MHML products for health professional consultation

The Heart Foundation is commencing the second round of engagement with health professionals which includes sharing the draft version of the updated version of MHML and its online version “After My Heart Attack”.

As key partners and gatekeepers in the distribution of HF products and services to patients, they would like to continue to keep you informed and offer an opportunity to provide broad feedback and identify any significant gaps.

Internally they have already identified some content changes which will be submitted in this review. The review period is two weeks from Tuesday 2 May to Tuesday 16 May 2017.

What to do if you are interested in contributing?

  1. Please read the  HASS_HCP Briefing May 2017 for more background information.
  2. Please review the draft MHML manuscript – an electronic copy of draft proof with a summary of changes 4837_HF_MHML_InHospital_D14837_HF_MHML_Intro_D14837_HF_MHML_MyHeart_D14837_HF_MHML_MyRecovery_D14837_HF_MHML_ServicesSupport_D14837_HF_MHML_Take_Action_D1
  3. Walk through the recording of the new web site  https://vimeo.com/214931803  password: H*@rt_F0undati0n
  4. Provide feedback using the feedback form by COB on 16th May 2017 : HASS_HCP Information Pack Dec 2016

 Please contact Karen Uhlmann for further queries or clarification about this project.


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