Journal watch: A nurse mentor supported, home-based cardiac rehabilitation program for rural patients with acute coronary syndrome

Structures, processes and outcomes of the Aussie Heart Guide Program: A nurse mentor supported, home based cardiac rehabilitation program for rural patients with acute coronary syndrome.

This case study by Frohmader et al (Australian Critical Care– May 2017) examined the role of a home-based cardiac rehabilitation program in helping patients living remotely in rural communities recover from Acute Coronary Syndrome.  It also captured the experiences of nurse mentors who delivered the program in three Australian hospitals between 2008–2011.

The study looked at the structure, process and outcomes of the new model, an audiovisual program facilitated by nurse ‘mentors’ providing CR  via telephone calls. Mentors provided individualized guidance, clarification and support.

The results showed that patients were satisfied with the program’s resources, along with the degree of support and guidance delivered by their mentors. The program also helped to influence their decision to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviours.  Nurse mentors reported that the new program was easy to deliver, especially if time was taken to develop a therapeutic relationship with patients during their recovery.


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